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Negotiation Training Courses Directory
Skilled negotiators know how to get what they want without instilling rage in their partners across the table.  They research, and they plan before they pick up the phone or schedule a meeting. 
Unfortunately, far too few people responsible for negotiations fully understand the process and how to get the most out of their business discussions.
Whether you are negotiating a major purchasing contract, attempting to solve a departmental conflict, or simply trying to better understand people, we can help. 
Our negotiation training programs and conflict resolution courses are designed to improve the critical thinking capabilities, bargaining abilities, and people skills of all who attend. 
These seminars can be delivered as described in the workshop overviews, slightly tailored to emphasize specific points, or fully customized to address your particular business needs.
The course facilitators have worked as buyers, sellers, and mediators.  Their examples come from their own experiences.  They are not artificial stories crafted to illustrate a topic.
We believe in learning by doing.  Our approach revolves around accelerated learning and knowledge transfer.   We do not rely on canned lecture or endless PowerPoint slides.
To review course overviews for our existing negotiation training programs and seminars, click on the links to the right.  Alternatively, review the short descriptions found on this page. 
If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, contact us to discuss program tailoring or fully customized content.
Format Key
B – Conference Breakout Session or Lunch Program
H – Half-Day Training Course
F – Full-Day Training Course
M – Multi-Day Training Course
W – Webinar
O – Online Course  


Negotiation Power Skills: How to Get What You Want Without Being a Jerk







Transforming No: Overcoming Sales Objections







We Can Work It Out: Negotiating with Influence and Persuasion







Winning Ways: Conflict Survival Skills for Getting Along in the Workplace







From Conflict to Resolution: How to Define and Discuss Tough Topics







Effective Negotiations (Partner Course)








Negotiation Power Skills: How to Get What You Want Without Being a Jerk

This comprehensive negotiation skills course is one of our oldest and most popular programs. The workshop teaches participants to follow a proven and comprehensive negotiating process and uses a variety of case studies and exercises to reinforce learning points. The course covers such topics as negotiation outcomes, negotiation styles, preparation, problem-solving, questioning and listening skills, steps for making and managing concessions, and traps and tricks of which to be aware. Throughout the program, there are multiple opportunities for participants to practice and apply what they've learned to their current negotiations.

Transforming No: Overcoming Objections to Nail the Sale

In sales, objections are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they should stop the process or prevent a purchase. The key is understanding a buyers’ reservations and responding to them with information that addresses their needs. This workshop explores the ins and outs of objection handling. During the program, we will look at the source of objections; preventative, pre-emptive, and response strategies; tools for understanding and outlining a buyer’s decision-making process; a framework for gaining insight about competitors; a model for meeting buyer needs; and language for answering objections. This interactive course incorporates multiple role-play exercises and ample opportunities to practice addressing the objections participants experience in the field.
In most workplaces, people need people, and without an ability to persuade an influence, the likelihood of realizing a vision is slim at best. This interactive workshop teaches participants how to harness the power of influence and persuade them to take action. The course covers a range of information: how people make decisions; how beliefs, values, and attitudes influence behaviors; interpersonal skills for building trust; push and pull influencing techniques, and tactics for overcoming the biases that can affect how people see the world and make choices.
People have different values, ideas, motivations, perceptions, and desires. Sometimes the variances are trivial, and other times the gap is bigger than the Grand Canyon. When strong feelings arise, it's essential to know how to deal with them in a way that is productive. This conflict resolution course offers tools for managing a range of workplace disagreements. During this workshop, we will explore sources of conflict, conflict management models, healthy methods of handling disagreements, conflict resolution styles and tactics for dealing with difficult types of people.

From Conflict to Resolution: How to Define and Discuss Tough Topics

Few people enjoy conflict. However, most find it easier to deal with when they have a plan.  This advanced conflict management course covers the ins and outs of conflict management and negotiating with others.  It is ideally suited for people who want to go beyond the basics. The program addresses everything from conflict resolution frameworks to managing agreements.  It can be tailored to incorporate challenges specific to your industry or group.  

Effective Negotiations: Online Partner Course

The main difference between experienced negotiators and the rest of us is their use of planning and working strategically toward a defined goal.  This online negotiation course will provide the foundation knowledge needed to effectively negotiate. Topics covered include types of negotiations, negotiation planning steps, power in negotiation, and solutions for addressing roadblocks. 

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